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A Note About Grandpa's hand tools.

Welcome to Grandpa's Little Farm located in Washington!
Brace bits waiting for sorting and cleaning

Reconditioned Tools: There will probably be the odd super collectible tool offered on this site, but that was not my intention in setting this up. What I will concentrate on is old tools that have been cleaned up, restored and meant to be 'users'. Each tool will be ready to use when you receive it. At the same time I will try to make each tool look good. It would be easy enough to take an old yard sale find, sharpen it, wipe off the grease and put it in your tool chest...I want to go one step further. Before I offer each tool for sale, it will be cleaned and repaired. If there are old repairs that were done incorrectly, they will be fixed. The tool will be straightened and cutting edges and teeth will be sharpened. Surfaces, either wood or metal will be appropriately reconditioned. The tool will be old and will show its age and wear, but it will also be cared for. Each tool will be as good as, if not better than anything you can buy new...presuming such a tool is still available!....You will be able to say, "Why yes, that is a very special heirloom piece. It came from Grandpa!"

For more info on: Drill Bits ~ Braces

Picture Click to enlarge Description Condition Price (US) Order
Single Spiral No. 12 (3/4 inch) bit Single Spiral
Have many sizes available!
Each bit will be inspected & cleaned up. Flat Rate of $14/drill bit
Includes Shipping
Select Bit Size
Double Spiral No. 12 (3/4 inch) bit Double Spiral
Have many sizes available!
Each bit will be inspected & cleaned up. Flat Rate of $14/drill bit
Includes Shipping
Select Bit Size
Stanley 02-253 (No.H1253A) brace

Stanley 02-253 (No.H1253A) brace - field stripped
Stanley 02-253 (No.H1253A) brace This is a Stanley 02-253 (No.H1253A) brace. It actually had an original K-Mart price tag on it when it came in. Generally braces made after 1964 will not be offered, but after going over this one carefully, I decided it is built well enough to offer. This is an open ratchet mechanism with a three position slide ring control. It has an Improved Barber (actually Amidon) chuck with no springs and meshing serrated inner jaws surfaces. This is what Stanley called a J Type jaw set. There are no ball bearings in its mechanisms, but it is in such good condition that this should not matter. This was probably built as a home-owner's tool, and even though it was not likely meant as a professional tool, it is a very good quality implement.

Bright-work (Wood) is painted blue and looks new. Metal is chromed with very little wear. I saw no need to completely strip this tool, but sub-assemblies have been taken apart and greased or lightly oiled.
$35 - Includes Shipping
NorCraft brace

NorCraft brace - field stripped
NorCraft 10in. Brace Not too much information was readily available on NorCraft. It is chromed with plastic handles, so it would probably be safe to say it is not a very old brace. As said, the metal is chromed and there is no wood, thus no finish. Apparently no ball bearings are used, but overall parts movement is smooth. The ratcheting control has an interesting octagon shape. It has a closed-box ratchet. The chuck is an improved spring loaded Barbar (Amidon) mechanism. It is actually much simpler than the old Barber chuck and the jaws open and shut very smoothly. This is a nice user, well constructed, even though it was probably not a professional model. Country of manufacture is not stamped on the tool, so I suspect that it is not American made. Itís still a nice tool and should serve a serious woodworker well.

NOTE: This brace was not reconditioned when pictures were taken. This will be done prior to shipment!
$35 - Includes Shipping
Stanley No. 66-10 brace

Stanley No. 66-10 brace - field stripped
Stanley No. 66-10 brace There are a large number of British-made Stanley tools sold in the US over the last several decades, and this is one of them. It is also another tool that violates my rule about not selling pre-1964 braces... but that's OK! This is a nice user 10 inch brace. Plastic was used not only on the knob and tote, but also the ratchet ring. Metal has been chromed. It has an open ratchet, and also a spring-loaded improved Barber chuck, with the inner part of the jaws serrated to match.

NOTE: This tool was not cleaned when pictures were taken. This will be done before it is shipped!
$35 - Includes Shipping

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Welcome to Grandpa's Little Farm located in Washington!
My saw box waiting to be filled

Custom Hand Made Tools: Like so many other wood workers, I have made some of my own tools over the years. This, for me has included things as simple as center finders, a wooden bodied router plane or a whole collection of luthiers' cam clamps. Plans for such tools abound, but there is a problem with making your own tool, it takes time away from your main well as space if you are working in a small shop. I will be offering some of these tools. My plan is to build them in runs, but I do not plan on mass producing these tools. Ideas from other woodworkers will be appreciated. Maybe you have a particularly useful item you have made, or one you wish you had time to make. My goal here to craft tools that are aesthetic, useful and something you will be proud to display in your box or on your wall. After all, you got it from Grandpa!

Picture Description Condition Price (US) Order

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