Grandpa's Little Farm Purebred Nubian Dairy Goats in Tacoma, Washington

Grandpa's Little Farm

Purebred Nubian Dairy Goats,
Reconditioned and Custom Hand Made
Woodworking Tools
in Tacoma, Washington

NOTICE: Unfortunately I can not longer cover postage to Europe or Canada. I will still be happy to mail items overseas, but will need to discuss postage ahead of time. In this manner, customers will still know how much they need to pay prior to shipment.

Grandpa's Little Farm Purebred Nubian Dairy Goats in Tacoma, Washington

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Nubian Dairy Goats

Hand tools, restored and new
      Reconditioned Tools
          - Drill Bits
          - Stanley No. 59
            Doweling Jig

          - Braces
          - Saws
      Drill Boxes
      Drill Rolls

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Welcome to Grandpa's Little Farm located in Washington!
Tycho checking for eggs

......Wow! Its been a very eventful time over the last couple of years! There have been a couple of medical problems and surgeries that laid me pretty low. As a result, there will be no more milking goats. The ones that remain are "pasture pets" and make up the "Blackberry Brigade" They will live out their lives here and continue to do a great job keeping the back of the property cleaned out.
The chickens and chicken tractor are now on a farm about ten miles from here. The bees are still here and will stay.

Welcome to Grandpa's Little Farm located in Washington!
Kady and the Goats

I still want to sell tools and have a decent stock of them on hand. Plans to revamp the shop were put on hold for awhile, put things are moving forward again. In fact I've added pen and pencil making to my retirement activities. I have several orders I'm trying to get filled now and will be putting pictures of them in the gallery sometime soon.

Welcome to Grandpa's Little Farm located in Washington!
My Drilling Work Area

I've also become very active with church across the street from The Farm. This includes helping out with a weekly food bank, attending Celebrate Recovery. I'm also beginning my second year with the Institute of Theology by Extension (INSTI) This is a pre-pastorial training program that is done at home with weekly monitoring in a classroom-like session. Old Testament this semester.....Wish me luck!

All this time, Grandma (Karin) has been very active in the garden and on Facebook. We definitely need to showcase some of her beautiful work in the gallery.

There was a point that I thought this site had been lost, but Jessica Howard did a wonderful job reviving it. Jessica, thank you so much for all the great work you have done keeping Grandpa's Little Farm going over the last few years. Hopefully we will make you proud in the upcoming months....

Take care, Grandpa (Ernie)

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